Let's face it, the music industry is over-saturated with meaningless clutter and non-inventive bullshit. Toss in the fact that every f*cking person and their mother with a laptop thinks they can be a DJ and you get someone like Simon Cowell thinking he can create a reality TV competition for DJs. This is why it was necessary for LJ MTX & Ciconte to create a symbol that represented more than just the music. A mainstream wrecking machine with unstoppable force in the form of an eight legged invertebrate with the highest of intellect that crushes everything that crosses its path known as The Octopus.

WIf you don't know already, you had better shut the f*ck up and get on board before The Octopus crushes you, your mother and your f*cking beat-matching software. Suck on that Simon Cowell!

The Octopus does not negotiate, nor does it discriminate. We will infiltrate all systems. WE CRUSH SHIT!

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